Wednesday, 5 December 2012

How to easily donate the car

It is the need of the hour that all the individuals belonging to the richer section of the society decide in their mind that they are going to donate their car to charity so that the poor and underprivileged children can be helped. Many social workers in different parts of the world have opened up special charitable organizations which are working for the betterment for poor children. In most of the underdeveloped countries the situation of poor children is very depressing. They are in severe trouble and look for help.
The richer section is mostly seen having the habit of buying different types and varieties of cars every now and then even though their previous car is totally fine. When they decide to buy a new one, they usually don’t look back on their previous car and give it to some scrap yard in the town. Instead of wasting the old car by giving it to the scrap yard, one should donate the car to a good charitable organization in town or on the web. Everyone today should realize the importance of a single car donation for the poor kids.

How to donate
If one has made up his mind that he is going to donate his car to charity than he can easily do it by opting for any one of the two mentioned methods-
  • The first method is to donate the car by visiting the office of the charitable organization personally.
  • This method has now become orthodox but is very fruitful because when a person visit the office himself, he is certain in his heart and soul that his car is in the right hands.
  • But it has a major disadvantage and that is it requires considerable amount of time. People might have to visit the office for two or more days before the agreement is finally made.
  • The other method is that of the online one. Today, the reputed charitable organization has opened up their own personal websites. Through this website, one does not have to wait any longer in order to donate his car. A few clicks will serve the purpose. All that one has to do is to log into the websites, fill in the form of application and decide the date on which the car can be picked form hid housings.
  • This method is now used by almost everyone as the process of donating a car can be achieved by sitting at home only.
Though the online medium has become very popular among the aces when it comes to car donation, but one should not forget that the internet is also a major source of frauds. There have been various cases in the past where the donator of the car has been cheated by the illegitimate

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